I wanted to dive into some BIG questions with you since you’ve probably had lots of time reflect this month while spending so much time at home. Ha ha! What? You’ve been busy? Spending your precious time worrying about the future?

Not the best use of your time, is it? It’s super stressful too!

Let’s talk about how you’ve been spending your time and what your future could look like. I’ve got a few questions for you.

How do you want to spend your time?

What do you want your future to look like?

What kind of leader do you want to be?

Do you know where you can explore these questions in a safe and supportive environment?

During a Discovery Session with a coach.

As you may have noticed, many coaches offer a free 30-60 minute Discovery Session. The number of people who actually book a free session with a coach and actually follow through is quite low.

I get it.

I follow a number of coaches on-line and subscribe to their newsletters but rarely book a free discovery call with them. So I asked myself why I don’t take advantage of an opportunity to speak to a coach I like and who has already been sharing valuable information with me?

Here are the 4 reasons that stopped me from booking a Discovery Session.

1. I don’t know what happens during a discovery session. (uncertainty)
2. I don’t like talking to strangers on the phone. (feels risky, remember dating?)
3. I don’t want to get pressured into buying something I’m not ready for. (buyer’s remorse)
4. I don’t want to disappoint the coach if I don’t buy a coaching package. (does any man worry about this? Probably not)

Today we are going to look at #1 and save the other 3 for next week.

What happens during a Discovery Session?

I would love to meet you for coffee but hopping on the phone or a Zoom meeting is easier these days. After we introduce ourselves to each other I typically will ask questions like the following.

Tell me about yourself? What season are you in?

What has prompted you to reach out to me today?

You share what you’ve been thinking about, working on and struggling with. My specialty is helping women recover their confidence, energy and time but I’m open to discussing whatever is your most pressing concern is.

Then I lead you through and exercise that’s often called The Merlin Process. It involves me waving a magic wand where you imagine yourself 1 year from now. I invite you to describe what you see.

Who’s there?
What’s your space like?
What are you doing?
How are you feeling?
What do you notice?

You leave the Discovery Session with clarity on the following:

  • How you want to feel.
  • What you want your environment to look like.
  • What type of relationships you want to have.
  • What kind of leader you want to be.
  • How you want to spend your time.

The main purpose of a Discovery Session is for you to get clarity on what your future could look like. It’s up to you to decide if you would prefer to figure out the next steps on your own or with some guidance and accountability from a coach.

The Discovery Session is not a sales call. I’m not going to try to sell you anything. I just want to hear about the future you see for yourself and how you want to spend your time.

Sharing your dreams and intentions with a non-judgmental person is very powerful and a lot of fun!

I invite you to book a FREE Discovery Session with me.

Spend some time exploring what your future could look like. I promise you’ll leave the session having learned something new about yourself. Imagine feeling hopeful AND excited about your future!

Book your free DISCOVERY SESSION here.

Wishing you ease, joy and freedom!

Anastasia Hendryanto
Life Design Coach and Enneagram Teacher

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