Hi! I’m Anastasia Hendryanto.


I’m a Life Design Coach, Enneagram Teacher, nature lover and simplicity enthusiast. I help women go from surviving to thriving so they can recover their confidence, energy and time.

Feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, disconnected or exhausted?


Struggling to prioritize all the items on your ever growing “to do” list?


Neglecting your needs and desires due to motherhood or other responsibilities?

That was me after my son was born. I thought it would get better once he was out of diapers but it didn’t. If anything, it felt like time sped up and I was rushing around trying to get everything done. I was constantly comparing myself to other women who seemed to have it all together. Thank you social media!

I felt depressed, anxious and disconnected.

In the midst of rushing, trying to do all things I thought I “should” be doing, I lost myself. I was busy focusing on my family and holding down a job I didn’t love. I felt resentful and ashamed that I wasn’t more grateful for everything I had. I kept telling myself that I “should” be satisfied and happy. I also didn’t have energy to make any changes.

I wanted to be an exceptional mom AND have a fulfilling career but I couldn’t see how it was possible.

This surprised me because I practiced self-care and had been working in the wellness industry for 20 years as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and nutrition coach. What I was doing wasn’t getting me out of survival mode.

I realized I needed more than basic self-care.

This “aha” moment led me to listen to my intuition and make a bigger investment in myself. This looked like attending personal growth courses, getting trained in The Enneagram and working with coaches.

On my journey I began to remember who I was and what lights me up. After having that important information I was able to get clarity on what really matters to me and let go of the rest.

Having clarity gave me my confidence, energy and time back.

Life got simpler and more fun!

Now I feel called to share everything I’ve learned so you don’t have to suffer anymore. You don’t need to make the same mistakes I made.

Your needs and desires matter.

It’s time to focus on YOU !




I get to:

  • Geek out on the science behind mindset, habits, motivation, time management, self-compassion and transformational change.


  • Guide you through a powerful process so that you can design a life that reflects your values, passions and priorities.


  • Help you develop a mindset and habits that allow you to focus on what really matters to you.


  • Hold you accountable for taking action and avoiding distractions.


  • Combine motherhood with my passion for life design coaching and empowering women.


  • Witness you getting your spark back and experience the ease, joy and freedom you are seeking!


About me


Values: Health | Freedom | Learning | Connection | Creativity
Enneagram Number: 4w5
Four Tendencies: Questioner
Gallup Strength Finder: Learner | Harmony | Input | Empathy | Consistency

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