brick background, enneagram symbol with text how the enneagram changed my life part 2


Last week I shared Part 1 of how The Enneagram has changed my life. It’s given me the opportunity to become aware of my subconscious thought patterns so I can understand why I do what I do. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.

Now that I’m aware of the subconscious thoughts that are driving my behavior, I can choose to RESPOND instead of just REACT.

This is GOLD.

Let me explain. Having the choice to respond instead of reacting in the heat of the moment has given me FREEDOM.

Freedom to be my AUTHENTIC self.

I’m not perfect and I still slip up and react. Now I’m able to catch myself earlier before I blow things up.

Knowing all of this about myself has given me one of the most powerful “aha” moment in my life. This leads me the best part of The Enneagram.

The BEST part of understanding The Enneagram is that I’ve been able to develop so much more COMPASSION for myself and others.

TRUTH BOMB: I’m not as crazy or broken as I previously believed AND neither are YOU.

What a relief!!! We are not crazy.

The Enneagram teaches us that we are not our personality. Our personality is actually an ego-structure we created to help us navigate challenges we’ve encountered growing up.

Our personality is how we react to the world and the stories we create about ourselves.

As I mentioned earlier, when we become conscious of the beliefs that are motivating our behavior we are given the opportunity to RESPOND instead of react. We get to choose how we show up.

The human experience is full of uncertainty and doubt that causes many of us to question our worth and the strength of our relationships.

When we are able to offer ourselves and others COMPASSION, new conversations open up and previously strained relationships can be seen in a new light.

Growth continues to be possible and feeling stuck or helpless is only temporary.

All of this delivers comfort and inspires me to share The Enneagram with my community.

I can’t think of a better tool to be using while navigating the human experience with intention and grace.

Wishing you ease, joy and freedom!

Anastasia Hendryanto
Life Design Coach and Enneagram Teacher

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