Another week of “social distancing” which should really be renamed “physical distancing“. I’ve had more virtual gatherings and chats than ever before. I feel more connected with friends, colleagues and family than before life got turned upside down.

If I had to pick 1 thing that’s challenging for me, it’s the loss of physical freedom. It’s the weekend and normally we would head out to the mountains for a hike, bike or ski. I find nature very healing and walking around my urban neighborhood and cycling the paved pathways are not the same. Yes, it’s absolutely better than being quarantined in my house.

I’m grateful AND I’m feeling all my feelings which includes grief.

I’m sure that once it finally stops snowing and things go from beige to green, I will feel better. For now I’m dancing, singing and exercising in my house and getting outside for long walks.

What’s the most challenging thing YOU are experiencing during this global pandemic? Write in the comment below and let me know.

Now lets switch gears back to my favourite coping and personal growth toolThe Enneagram.

In the last post I covered the 3 types in the HEART CENTER (2-3-4). Next is the HEAD CENTER (5-6-7). Here is brief description of each of the types in this logic and information gathering focused center. The common emotion for the HEAD CENTER is fear.

Type 5 – The Observer aka The Investigator
Attention goes to: intrusion, detaching to observe, facts
Strengths: knowledgeable, dependable, respectful, keeping secrets
Struggles: dealing with emotions, becoming fatigued, protecting their privacy
Can be perceived as distant, overly analytical, and unemotional.

Type 6 – The Loyal Skeptic aka The Loyalist
Attention goes to: worst case scenario, safety concerns, how to be prepared
Strengths: trustworthiness, loyalty, fair, questioning mind
Struggles: uncertainty, trusting, authority, being pressured
Can be perceived as doubting, controlling, overly concerned and hesitant.

Type 7 – The Epicure aka The Enthusiast
Attention goes to: positive options, experiencing life to its fullest, possibilities
Strengths: spontaneous, playfulness, high energy, enthusiasm
Struggles: limits, losing freedom, negative and depressing people
Can be perceived as distracted, changeable and prone to making excuses.

I want to remind you that you might identify with one of the 9 Enneagram types but don’t agree with 100% of the description. This is normal because we are complex creatures AND our degree of self-awareness varies.

Stay focused on why you do what you do, your motivation.

All head types have the same dominant emotion of fear but each type has a different strategy for dealing with it.

A type 5’s fear is about running out of resources which could be things or energy. Their preferred strategy is to protect themselves from intrusive demands by being independent and private.

A type 6’s fear is about security and safety. Their preferred strategy is to scan the environment for danger and planning ahead to avoid the worst case scenario.

A type 7’s fear is about limits and pain. Their preferred strategy is to keep moving and searching for the next exciting possibility or fun experience so they can avoid limits and pain.

In the previous post on the HEART CENTER (2-3-4), I didn’t explain how that center’s common emotion of sadness and shame show up differently for each of the types. I’ve updated the post to include this additional information. You can read it here.

Next in The Enneagram series I’ll be sharing descriptions of types 8, 9 and 1 which make up the HEAD CENTER.

As I sign off, I want to remind you that you are doing a fantastic job coping with this global pandemic. Don’t forget to rest like you mean it!

Wishing you ease, joy, freedom and a Happy Easter weekend!

Anastasia Hendryanto
Life Design Coach and Enneagram Teacher

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