Success Stories

Success Stories and Testimonials

Here are some of Anastasia`s previous clients and testimonials – success stories as a result of her programs and services


Kelly Savage » I really appreciated starting with the basics. I needed a guideline on how I should stock my fridge and freezer. I needed to know what the staples are because I often feel overwhelmed with recipes when I don’t even have a couple of the ingredients on hand. The convenience of the information arriving directly into my inbox. I didn’t have to search out information and decipher the good vs. the bad information. It was all done for me! «

Kelly Savage (long-distance runner and mom of 2)


» I gave in to many many temptations during my pregnancy and knew I needed exactly what this is a food reset. It was also great to share the daily emails with my husband so he saw and read the info for himself instead of hearing it from me or just having the food ready for him. I enjoyed the sharing of delicious, quick recipes.«

Dallas Groeller-Hall (mom of 2)

Dallas Groeller-Hall


» I decided to join the program to get information regarding how to eat healthier and feel full longer so that I could cut out “all-day” snacking/grazing basically. Having an busy 8th month old, it is hard to find time to eat most days let alone something that is healthy and kept me full so I wanted some guidance on it and the program gave me that as well as ideas for when I return to work as a RN. With the help and guidance from Anastasia, I learned the mistakes that I had been making in my everyday meals and how to correct them. She also gave me the gumption to want to continue on each day by her daily emails to remind myself that this is not a one day fix, that it takes time, effort and planning. We found that we had more energy and were happier throughout the day because of the new found energy.«

Tawni Belliveau (Mom of a wee one)


» It was more than just a discussion on what to eat and what not to eat. You provided tips on how to make our kitchens more user friendly, how to involve our kids, how to plan, etc. «

Lindsay Alleyne (mom of a toddler and one on the way)


Samantha Kolias » I signed up for this program because I often struggle with balance and would appreciate a professional opinion to counter the little voice in my head that is often wrong!I really appreciated the daily feedback- I think this is what makes your program so unique. The ability to have a buddy to help meet your nutritional goals is so awesome! I really loved those recipes and know they would make a big difference to health conscious busy young women. Thank you Anastasia!«

Samantha Kolias, Calgary

» This program exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed the fact that you were there daily to discuss any questions, menu suggestions and ideas. Just to have the support was beneficial. Thank you so much for your help.  I have been following your suggestions and I am running 5 times a week so I have been feeling great!!!«

Jennifer Cavan, Calgary

Jen Caravan

Tina Hamilton » It was a pleasure to work with you. You listened to my concerns and used the intake forms together to come up with a plan that was very easy to understand. You took the time to explain the reasons for changing the different parts of my diet, exercise needed, and lifestyle changes needed for over all balance. It was a great experience and I am still using the information I learned in my daily life.Thank You«

Tina Hamilton, Calgary



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