Waffle Obsession

I adore kitchen appliances but I hate clutter and resisted buying a waffle maker for the longest time. Three weeks ago I finally purchased a waffle maker after pining for one. I should have bought the waffle maker ages ago because they are actually quite compact and don’t take up much room. Waffles have replaced my pancake habit and are now my go to special breakfast for weekends.

I don’t know why I’ve denied myself the simple pleasure of a crispy golden waffle topped with fruit. The crunch of a perfectly cooked waffle is far superior to the soft sponginess of a pancake. Waffles are also incredibly versatile and are very portable. Just this last weekend I smeared one with nut butter and jam and ate it like a PB sandwich in the car. Nonetheless I recommend you try to enjoy your waffles sitting down so that your body has a chance to optimally digest them.

Waffles can be traditionally sweet or if you want to get creative they can be savoury. When I was hunting for the best waffle recipe I discovered that waffles can be made into grilled cheese sandwiches or burger buns. I will never look at a waffle the same way! To save you some time in the waffle research department I thought I would share two of my favourite waffle recipes. They are both gluten-free, dairy free and grain-free.

The first recipe I tried was a coconut flour based recipe from Wellnessmama.com. It’s a great recipe if you want more protein or want to avoid nuts. The waffles come out on the soft side but are delicious.


My personal favourite is the Extra Crispy Waffles (Paleo version) from Realsustenance.com. This recipe is almond flour based and produces waffles that are crispy and amazing. These waffles would make an excellent substitute for bread because of their firmness. Britanny from Realsustenance.com is a bit of a waffle fanatic so check out her site for creative waffle ideas.


I used arrowroot powder instead of tapioca powder and put 1 tablespoon of maple syrup instead of the 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar.

Happy waffle making and don’t forget to coat your non-stick waffle maker with coconut oil before putting on the batter! I didn’t the first time and wow, what a joy to clean that was.

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