Is There Such Thing as “Healthy” Vacation Eating?

I love long weekends in the summer! It’s a chance to spend more time being active outside and enjoy leisurely family meals.

We spent this past weekend in Canmore and lucked out with hot weather. Our days were filled with biking, hiking and cooling off at Quarry Lake.

When we go away we do enjoy eating out but it’s also nice to be able stay in and make some simple meals. With a little bit of meal planning, eating in can be relaxing and a great way to eat healthy while on vacation.

Before we left we packed our cooler and a bag of food so that we only needed to pick up a couple of things at the grocery store. I hate spending half of my vacation doing multiple runs to the grocery store.

I am a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Paleo enthusiast but I want you to know that we did go out and indulge in burgers, poutine, frozen lemonade and Eggs Bennie. To counter balance these restaurant meals we packed healthy snacks for our outings like fruit, carrots, nuts, coconut bites, Lara Bars, meat sticks and lots of water. We also cooked a couple of breakfasts and dinners too.

Here’s what our vacation-eating plan for the long weekend looked like in case you are curious. I left out all the coffee I drank. I don’t know why vacation equals extra coffee for me. It could be the slower pace and a chance to linger over meals.

Friday  Lunch at Communitea (Veggie, Turkey and Rice Bowl), Dinner eat-in (leftover sausages and grilled veggies with a green salad)
Saturday   Breakfast eat-in (Pancakes, Bacon and Strawberries) Lunch at La Belle Patate (Burgers and Poutine), Dinner eat-in (Steak Salad with coconut ice-cream for dessert)
Sunday Breakfast eat-in (Boiled eggs, left-over bacon and pancakes with peaches), Lunch out Barpa Bill’s (Salmon Burger and Salad), Dinner eat-in (leftover steak salad with coconut milk ice-cream for dessert)
Monday Breakfast  at Summit Cafe (Poached Eggs with salsa, guacamole and hash browns)

Now it’s time to get back into our routine and eat a little lighter to recover from some of the heavier meals we indulged in. I’m feeling the need to back away from the starches, increase my veggie intake and have fresh fruit instead of ice-cream. All it takes is a few small tweaks to recover from vacation eating.

How do you handle meal planning when you are on vacation? What do you do to make it easier to get back into your regular eating routine when you return? Looking forward to hearing your tips!


P.S. I want to give a heads up that I’m running my 5-Day Meal Planning Challenge this month. I ran it back in March and got such great feedback that I just had to run it again. I’ll be sharing the link to sign-up for the free challenge next week. The Meal planning Challenge starts on August 17.

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