We are already heading into the second week of December so the holiday party circuit is in full swing. I’ve created a series of 6 videos to help you enjoy the holidays and avoid the typical holiday weight gain. The first three video tips have been posted on my blog. In case you’ve missed them here is a brief recap.

Tip #1 – Don’t go to a party hungry.

Tip #2 – Fill your plate with vegetable and protein.

Tip #3 – Choose you beverages wisely.  

I want to expand on video tip #3. Holiday beverages can be a real land mine as I mentioned in the video but I thought you might be interested in finding out what’s in your favourite holiday drink. Some might say that ignorance is bliss but tight jeans are definitely not blissful. Let’s go with the famous saying, “Knowledge is Power.” You decide what you want to splurge on and I encourage you to make it count. Enjoy the party and skip the hang-over.

Vodka Soda (1.5 oz.) – 95 calories

Wine (5 oz.) – 120 calories

Beer (12 oz.) – 150 calories

Hot Cocoa (8 oz.) – 176 calories

Eggnog (8 oz.) – 340 calories


Just Announced! Pilates North is offering an exclusive nutrition and fitness program.

Are you ready to have more energy?  Would you like to experience less sugar cravings. Are your skinny jeans a bit too tight? Looking for inspiration to steer YOUR health in the right direction?  Sessions will be lead by Anastasia Hendryanto, a certified Holistic Nutritionist, certified Personal Trainer and STOTT certified Pilates instructor.

The 2012 KICKSTART PROGRAM includes a nutrition component, a high intensity interval training component and a weekly discussion segment complete with a fun weekly challenge.   

You will learn what foods work for YOU – this is not a one size fits all diet.  The nutrition component is about nourishing your body not depriving it. The exercise portion will be a challenging blend of core stability, strength, cardio, power, agility, balance, speed, and flexibility.    The groups will be small (max. eight) and conducive to sharing and learning – picture your living room without the couches.

For dates, pricing and to reserve your spot, visit http://www.pilates-north.com/contact-us

Or call 403 283 0944.

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