My Own Sugar Addiction

Recently I decided that I was no longer comfortable with my sugar consumption. I felt like I needed to have something sweet after every meal. A square of chocolate with my morning coffee? Why yes, that would be lovely! I found myself baking paleo/gluten-free treats a couple times a week. I tried to justify it because I was breastfeeding and Crossfitting so I figured I needed the extra calories. It’s true that I needed extra calories but not extra sugar. In the end it felt like the sugar was controlling me and I didn’t like how that felt.

Enter the 21 day Kick Your Sugar Cravings to the Curb Cleanse. It was time for me to do my own cleanse again. I’m always guiding and helping clients through this program but this time it was my turn to confront my sugar addiction again.

Now that my sugar cleanse is over I’m feeling really good about my food choices again. I really like how my taste buds are extra sensitive to sweetness so that a fresh strawberry tastes amazing now. I even saved a bit of money because I ate out less to make sure I knew what I was eating. The first four days were a bit rough but as soon as I found my groove it wasn’t too bad. I cooked some delicious meals and found other ways to treat myself instead of with sugar.

To responsibly signal the end of my sugar cleanse I decided to sample some Screamin’ Brothers ice-cream when I was shopping at Community Natural Foods the other evening. This organic coconut milk ice-cream was so delicious that tasting a mini scoop of three flavours was extremely satisfying. After reading the packaging I got even more excited. Screamin Brothers uses locally sourced honey to sweeten their ice-cream AND it doesn’t contain any of the common food allergens such as gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts or soy. I still consider ice-cream a sweet treat that I will indulge in from time to time, especially in the summer.

I sampled Mocha, Chocolate Mint and Key Lime. All the flavours were excellent but Chocolate Mint was my favourite. If you want more information on this cool locally owned (Lethbridge) and operated business check out them out at

You can pick up a carton at several natural food markets in Alberta and British Columbia. Did you know that 5% of all net profits are donated to help children locally and internationally? Another great reason to shop locally!

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