Easy Sour Gummy Snack Recipe

I feed my toddler a lot of fruit for snacks because I don’t want to feed him processed snack foods and products that are specifically marketed at children. There are lots of options other than fruit but we’ve taken eggs, dairy and gluten completely out of his diet because he has a mysterious skin condition.

I don’t always have time to bake allergy-friendly snacks so I decided to pull out some gelatin and make some lemon gummy stars. Gelatin is a dietary source of collagen which is great for the skin and contains protein. Wellness Mama has a great post on the benefits and different uses for Gelatin.

So I tried Mommypotamus’s recipe for Sour Gummy Stars.


There are lots of gummy snack recipes on-line but I liked this one because it called for fresh lemon juice instead of regular fruit juice. I always have a couple of lemons in the house but I don’t usually buy juice.


Mold for gelatin

The recipe was very simple and the only trouble I ran into was that the gelatine mixture developed some small clumps. I think I didn’t whisk it quickly enough. The gummies still turned out great. This recipe only made 12 gummy stars so I plan to double it next time because they were so tasty.

I have to admit some of the ingredients aren’t easy to find but it was worth the effort and they will last for a long time. I used beef gelatin from Great Lakes that had to be ordered from Amazon and to intensify the lemon flavour I added two drops of organic lemon oil(optional). The lemon oil is by Blaine Andrusek Phytotherapeutics and was purchased at The Light Cellar in Calgary.

What’s your favourite way to consume gelatine? Bone broth? Gummy snacks? I would love to hear how you incorporate gelatin into your diet.

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