3 Reasons Real Food Rocks and How to Rock It!

All of my regular readers know that I’m in love with REAL FOOD. I truly believe that Mother Nature designed food perfectly and the more we mess with it, the more we lose out on the benefits.

If you’ve found processed food sneaking back into your grocery cart or you think that preparing real food takes too much time, this post is for you.

Sometimes we all need a reminder of why real food rocks and some simple action steps to keep us on track for the best results.

1. It Curbs Sugar Cravings.

When we fill our plates with a balance of real foods we are naturally satisfied. Picture your plate filled with some wild salmon, green beans and roasted potatoes.

Take action: grab a real food snack like some brazil nuts.

Brazil nuts and other nuts contain healthy fat, vitamins and minerals that will prevent a sugar craving from appearing.

2. It Heals.

Real food is packed with nutrients that repair your body while you sleep. How cool is that? Our bodies are designed to digest real food and transform it into energy for us to use to live our amazing lives.

Take action: Save the bones from the next chicken you roast and make healing homemade bone broth.

The nutrients in bone broth support your digestive system and strengthen it. Use the broth to make some butternut squash soup or throw it in a slow cooker recipe for chicken curry.

3. It’s Delicious!

Remember biting into a fresh peach this summer? The sweet juice ran down your chin as you smiled. Amazing! Nothing beats the taste of fresh and seasonal real food.

 Take action: It’s pear season! Top your next green salad with fresh pear slices.

I also love to make a pear crisp for a fall treat. Pears are super versatile.



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