Are You Ready For September?

It’s that time of year again. I’m sure you are ramping up for September and getting your kids ready for school.

Back to school means packed lunches and healthy snacks to keep your kids fuelled for optimal learning.

You are so busy organizing your family that you often forget about your own needs.

How many times have you made sure your kids had a great breakfast but you only had time for a cup of coffee? That coffee is usually cold because you are rushing around getting everyone ready.

How many times have you packed healthy snacks for your kids before heading out for the day but you ended up eating a dry energy bar you found at the bottom of your purse?

I’m guessing you answered, “Too many times!”

It doesn’t have to be this way.

There is a simple solution for you.

Take a second for yourself and download a copy of the Smart Snack Guide. 


Now, take a minute and pick out a snack that you already have the ingredients for. Wonderful!

Go and make the snack right now. I’m serious.

You deserve to be well fuelled so you can function properly. Nobody wants to see another Hangry Mom!

If you know of any moms that forget to eat breakfast or pack themselves delicious snacks, please share the Smart Snack Guide with them.

Help a tired and hungry mom out!

Together we can eradicate “Hangry Mom Syndrome.”

If you are already using the Smart Snack Guide, I would love to know what your favourite snack is. Send me an email or post it in the comment section below.


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