The Paleo Diet vs The Atkins Diet – Which one is right for you?

As many of you know, I started following the paleo or primal diet in 2011. It’s based on ancestral health and whole foods. Recently I’ve been asked for the difference between The Paleo Diet and the Atkins Diet. I’ve never tried the Atkins diet or given it much thought so I went to

The two diets appear quite similar at first glance but after further research I discovered that they are actually quiet different. The biggest difference is that the Atkins’s Diet has 4 phases. Phase 1 (Induction), is the most restrictive and it progresses to phase 4 (Lifetime Maintenance) which is the least restrictive. The Paleo Diet does not have any phases, only modifications for people who are athletes, suffer from auto-immune diseases or would like to lose weight. Essentially everyone follows the same guidelines for life.

The Paleo Diet vs The Atkins Diet

Carbs – low-moderate depending on your goal (Paleo) vs low in phase 1 and moderate for phase 4 (Atkins)

Protein – moderate (Paleo) vs moderate (Atkins)

Fat – moderate – high (Paleo) vs high (Atkins)

The Paleo Diet encourages organic vegetables and fruit. The Atkins diet encourages vegetables but doesn’t allow fruit until phase 2.

The Paleo diet emphasizes grass fed, hormone-free and free range meat. The Atkins diet doesn’t really talk about meat quality. Both diets promote eggs and fish.

The types of fat recommended is another way the two diets differ. The Paleo Diet emphasizes saturated fat like coconut butter, grass fed butter as well as olive oil and oil from nuts and seeds. Vegetable oils like canola, grapeseed, soybean, sunflower, and safflower are not approved. The Atkins diet promotes vegetable oils as well as butter.

Dairy is generally not permitted on the Paleo Diet but cheese is allowed in phase 1 and heavy cream in phase 2 of the Atkins Diet.

Are these phases getting confusing yet?

What about grains and bread?

The Paleo Diet doesn’t allow any. The Atkins diet lets you have some in phase 3 and 4.

How about legumes?

None for the Paleo Diet and The Atkins Diet allows them in phase 3 and 4.

What about sugar and artificial sweeteners?

Neither of the diets encourages sugar but The Atkins Diet says that SPLENDA (artificial sweetener) and diet sodas are permitted.

Which diet is right for you?

It depends on what your goals are.

Are you only trying to lose weight or are you interested in healing your digestive system or improving your athletic performance?

Can you live without cheese and Diet Coke?

Do you care about the quality of your food or are okay with eating processed food and food from factory farms?

Okay, I admit I am just a little biased towards one of these diets. If you would like more information on the Paleo Diet please feel free to contact me. The bottom line is that there isn’t one diet that will work for everyone. Each of us is unique and has slightly different nutritional needs.  Dig out your food journal and start taking notes. Who knows what you will discover about yourself?

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