Paleo Pumpkin Loaf Recipes

I just love all things pumpkin and fall is the perfect time of year to enjoy them. Besides the classic pumpkin pie, I would have to say that pumpkin loaf is my second favourite way to enjoy this hearty orange squash. Loaves are an easy treat to whip up and generally don’t require a lot of sugar to be delicious.

This time I’ve tested out two different pumpkin loaf recipes. They are both from a paleo-friendly website called Comfy Belly” that features gluten free, grain free, dairy free and egg free treats. Erica, the Comfy Belly site owner, makes it easy for anyone wanting to avoid common allergens such as gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts but still enjoy a treat. She is also a talented photographer so it’s a pleasure to peruse her extensive collection of recipes.

Okay on to recipe #1. Many paleo-friendly recipe use coconut so for the sake of variety I wanted to try a recipe that was coconut-free. My searches lead me to Erica’s “Pumpkin Bread 2.0” which features almond flour. I used maple syrup for the sweetener and I included walnuts and raisins. The only change I made was instead of using one regular loaf pan, I used 3 mini silicone ones. The loaves stuck to my silicone loaf pans because I made the mistake of trying to pop them out before they were completely cooled. I won’t do that again. Despite my misshapen loaves, they were moist with just the right amount of sweetness. I also like the crunch of the walnuts and the chewy aspect of the raisins.

 Now on to recipe #2. My intention was to try a coconut flour based loaf recipe next but I came across one that combined almond and coconut flour. I picked this recipe because it also called for bananas and I just happened to have some begging to be used up. I did tinker with Erica’s “Pumpkin Banana Bread” because I wanted to use up all of my left-over canned pumpkin and I was curious to see if I could reduce the amount of sugar but still get away with adding some mini chocolate chips. I ended up increasing the pumpkin puree to ¾ cup, reducing the bananas by one and only using 5 tablespoons of maple syrup and adding ½ cup of mini chocolate chips. My loaf wasn’t beautiful but it sure was delicious. I love the combination of pumpkin and chocolate!


Which recipe was my favourite? That’s a tough one. Both recipes produced moist and lightly sweetened pumpkin loaves but if I was forced to choose, I would go with Comfy Belly’s “Pumpkin Bread 2.0”. I’m so glad I discovered Erica’s website and I can’t wait to try more of her paleo-friendly recipes.

 Happy Baking!!

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