How to Build an Outfit from Scratch – A Recipe for Style Success


Today, I’m excited to share with you and incredibly talented colleague and style advisor of mine, Lisa McLatchie. As a regular reader you know that I’m big on self-care for women and helping moms feel fabulous so I just had to introduce you to Lisa.

Part of taking caring of your body is dressing in way that is easy, comfortable and flattering. When you are organized and feel good about yourself, it is easier to make healthy choices and have more fun.

If you want a wardrobe you are excited to wear – Lisa is your go to gal! As a certified Image Consultant who was also personally trained by Stacy London from ‘What Not To Wear’ (yes, THAT Stacy London!), Lisa has been working with women since 2009 to help them get out of their style ruts and create a style that best suits them and their unique lifestyle and personality.

My favourite resource of Lisa’s is “How to Build an Outfit from Scratch – A Recipe for Style Success.” Lisa may not be much of a cook but she has perfected her recipe for stylish outfits.

Before you head on over to her site to get the recipe, I wanted to let you know that I normally don’t share guests post with you but I’ve personally worked with Lisa and she is fantastic.

If you aren’t happy with your current wardrobe situation, check out Lisa’s free resources and paid programs. Lisa has an amazing online program with added one-on-one support where she’ll show you how to easily make over your style and wardrobe. It’s called Wardrobe Mixology, and the next session begins June 1st.

I’m not an official affiliate but do let Lisa know that you are a friend of mine. It’s a small world and it’s always fun to know how people find you on-line.

What’s your favourite outfit these days? I’m all about comfort and simplicity when it comes to getting dressed. I love jeans, T’s, jackets and big sparkly jewelry. Would love to know your style tips!

Click here to read “How to Build an Outfit from Scratch – A Recipe for Style Success over at


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