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Summer is a time when things tend to slow down for me so I have had chance to reflect on the connection between my life and the business Iíve been creating. Iím always striving to give you the best tips and strategies that have helped me with my health journey.

Lately Iíve been really focused on creating the programs and posts that I think that you want and need. Iíve listened to your feedback and suggestions and I know many of you are still struggling with things like shedding extra weight while trying to keep your family fed and/or meal planning.

I want you know to know that those two goals donít need to compete with each other.

What Iíve noticed is that Moms run into trouble when they feed their kids differently than themselves. I hear things like ďMy kids love mac and cheese and I donít want to deny them but I canít be eating it if I want to shed a few pounds.Ē

Why is feeding your children processed ďkid-friendlyĒ food okay when you know that you feel better when you cut back on things like gluten, dairy and sugar? How do you think your kids react to these substances?

I want to invite you to consider making a mind shift from restriction to abundance.

What would this look like?

This would mean replacing processed foods with nourishing whole foods like vegetables, fruit, seafood, meat, poultry, nuts and seeds.

Why are you depriving yourself of food that you know will support the health of your family and make fitting into your jeans easier?

Just so we are clear, Iím not talking about preparing perfect nutritious meals 100% of the time. That would be unrealistic and sets us up for failure. Iím talking about adopting a lifestyle that supports eating real whole foods most of the time. I believe there is still room for treats and occasional indulgences because food is fun and part of our culture.

There is no point in creating a lifestyle that makes you miserable or that you canít maintain for the long haul. If this is how youíve felt in the past then it wasnít the right lifestyle for you.

Changing how you live will not always be easy but it will be even harder if you lose sight of why youíve chosen a whole foods lifestyle. Remember that you will be leading by example and teaching your kids how to honor their bodies so that they can enjoy amazing health. If you donít have kids, you will still be influencing your loved ones and community.

I find that keeping my ďwhyĒ front and centre helps me stay focused when I feel like eating donuts for breakfast.

My ďwhyĒ is always swirling around in my head so I decided to get it down on paper. I decided on a Health Manifesto because I believe words are more powerful when written down and shared with others.

I encourage you to create a Manifesto and get clear on what is really important to you. This will make it easier for you to let go or say ďnoĒ to tasks, things or people that donít support you and your priorities.

If you feel inclined, share your Lifestyle or Health Manifesto and I bet you will attract amazing opportunities and more like-minded people into your life. That sounds pretty exciting to me!

Without further ado, here is my Health Manifesto for 2015.

I believeÖ

  1. Everyone deserves to be healthy, happy and nourished.

  2. Healthy Moms raise healthy children.

  3. Nutritious food is delicious and easy to prepare.

  4. Meal planning makes it easier to eat healthy. It also saves you time, money and reduces stress.

  5. Mother Nature creates the best food.

  6. Junk food is designed to be addictive.

  7. Choosing your health over convenience is the way to go.

  8. Itís important to spend time outside, connect with farmers and know where your food comes from.

  9. Your body knows the difference between energy boosting and energy depleting foods. It canít be fooled.

  10. Food is an adventure and creativity belongs in the kitchen.

If my Manifesto resonated with you, I would love to hear from you. Iím always looking to spend time with and support like minded community members. Iím also interested in welcoming new members who want to embrace a whole foods lifestyle.

We all have so many talents to share that makes our community vibrant and far reaching. I feel very thankful for your support and Iím grateful that you allow me to share my passion for healthy living with you.

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