5 Most Common Beliefs Women Have About Food and Themselves

Let’s dive in and find out which of the 5 most common beliefs women have about food and themselves are actually true. Pay attention to what thoughts pops into your head as you read the answers. Try to stay open and put your judgments to the side for now.

  1. I can’t stick to a diet because I lack will-power.

Myth – There are many reasons why you can’t stick to a diet. Have you ever said the following? “As soon as I’m on a diet, I’m always hungry and feel deprived.” “I have crazy cravings, especially for sugar and carbs.”

You have just put your body into survival mode. Good luck arguing with your body when it thinks you are entering starvation! Hello struggle and suffering. This is a battle you will never win no matter how hard you try to outsmart your body. You can’t separate your mind from your body. Consider trusting your body and questioning your beliefs.

  1. This brownie/glass of wine will make me feel better.

True – But only the first bite or sip. Your body releases a hit of dopamine, a feel good chemical when you are doing something pleasurable like eating a piece of chocolate.

The problem is as soon as you hit your saturation point the treat you are consuming ends up having a numbing effect on your brain and body. This is why many of us use food to numb and comfort ourselves instead of having to fully experience disappointment, anxiety, loneliness, boredom and shame.

Now for the good news! Your body also releases the feel good chemical dopamine when you are doing something pleasurable and healthy.

  1. Cooking is difficult.

 Myth – It depends on your skill level. Anyone can learn how to cook if they are interested and willing to practice. Preparing delicious and nutritious food can be easy and simple once you know a few shortcuts.

  1. Eating healthy takes a lot of time.

True and False – Eating healthy requires effort but the more you do it the faster you get. Again there are many shortcuts that can save you time in the kitchen. Things also get a lot easier when you accept that taking care of your body is a top priority.

  1. My life will be better/I will be happy when I lose those last 10 pounds/baby weight.

Myth – This belief is incredibly rampant among women. At some point many of us took on the belief that we are not good enough unless we are thin. Extra pounds are used as an excuse to not go after what we really desire. Limiting ourselves with a number on a scale is irrational. I can say this because I used to think this way. I’ve wasted so much time and energy worrying about my weight when I could have been doing something more meaningful and fun. The world needs us to play big, share our gifts and live fulfilling lives.

What if you stopped trying to be perfect and took a hard look at your expectations? Consider not believing every thought that you have about yourself.

What if you believed that you are enough right now regardless of what your body looks like? Can you see the freedom and lightness in letting go of limiting beliefs?

Why am I talking to you about this? Limiting beliefs cause suffering and are what holds us back from living our best lives.

Through working with coaches and coaching myself, I’ve been able to uncover my limiting beliefs. Every time I find myself stuck, I will always look for the belief that is stopping me from taking action. I find that I suffer less and am able to move forward faster when I look inside myself for the answers.

I used to focus on keeping my body healthy through nutrition and exercise but now my mind comes first. I can’t experience optimal health if my thoughts are negative and destructive.

When I don’t manage my mind I quickly become overwhelmed, emotional, exhausted and extra pounds appear. You can’t separate your mind from your body.

If any of this resonates with you, book a free mini-coaching session with me. We can discuss what’s been holding you back and get you from stuck to unstoppable. Get a taste of what freedom looks like for you.

You can live your best life!

I can’t wait to connect with you!

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