Back in March I attended Paleo FX in Austin, Texas. This was a conference where nutrition and wellness enthusiasts gathered to hear about the latest developments in the Paleo/Primal Lifestyle movement. Speakers from various disciplines presented their ideas on what it takes to achieve optimal health. It is here that I had the great pleasure of attending a lecture by Dean Dwyer. I had never heard of Mr. Dwyer prior to attending this event but when I learned that he was a crazy Canuck who ran a very successful website called I just had to check him out. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

My favourite quote from his presentation was, “Be the expert on you.” No one else knows you better than you do. You must rely on empirical knowledge which is basically what works for you. He also had a lot of fantastic ideas for people who are interested in transforming their bodies through solid health strategies and habits that he successfully applied to himself.

Lately I’ve really been interested in the psychology of change and why we constantly sabotage our health goals and life dreams. I am often stumped by why we set ourselves up to fail when we know what we need to do. When Dean announced that he had written a book titled, “Make Shift Happen – Change How You Look by Changing How You Think,” I immediately ordered a copy.

This book is for people who are not happy with the state of their body and are ready to admit that what they are currently doing is not working. Dean Dwyer offers “20 Life-Changing Shifts” that are designed to guide along your own personal transformation journey.

Dean poses the question “Can this series of shifts work for you?

After reading this book, I definitely think these shifts can work if you are committed to taking massive action with the end goal of becoming the expert on you. You must be willing to change how you think, live and work.

In the introduction, Dean’s answer to the question is the following:

Why not? There is nothing magical about what I did. You just need to begin to embrace being different and commit to adding new manageable behaviours that allow for transformation to happen. Once that occurs, then shift can’t help but follow.”

If you would like more information on Dean Dwyer, visit his He also puts on a humorous and helpful weekly pod cast called “The Make Shift Happen Show.”  Pick up a copy of his book and write to me about the shifts that are occurring in your life.


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