Is It Possible to Live Sugar Free?

I seem to feel the urge to write a post about sugar once a year. Teaching people about the risks of consuming sugar, identifying hidden sugar, and creating delicious low-sugar recipes is a passion of mine.

The REAL reason I’m passionate about helping people get off of sugar is my own struggle with sugar addiction. My name is Anastasia and I am a chocoholic.

I try to follow a whole-foods paleo approach to eating and living but I notice that sugar keeps creeping back into my diet. It’s totally an emotional and habit driven beast for me. In my post Is Life Worth Living Without Sugar, I go into the emotional side of sugar and share 5 tips for going sugar-free.

Today, I wanted to share the missing tip for going sugar-free AND talk about the whole food sweeteners that I do use in recipes. I don’t think it’s realistic for most people to live a 100% sugar-free so I want to share which sweeteners actually contain some vitamins and minerals.

The Missing Tip for Going Sugar-Free

Tip #6Address why you feel unsatisfied when you don’t have something sweet at the end of your evening meal and for your afternoon break

Are you truly hungry or are you trying to fill something that is missing from your life. Ouch! That question might sting a little but I’m speaking from personal experience and working with clients.

Are you scheduling self-care every day? Yes, everyday. Self-care is anything that supports your mental or physical well-being. For me this going for a walk outside, 10 minutes of meditation or going to CrossFit.

I’ve noticed that when I’m feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, tired or sad, I reach for something sweet and usually caffeinated. Maybe it’s a big glass of wine or a bag of chips for you. Pick your reward for a tough day or should I say poison.

Whatever you reach for, it’s likely not nourishing. It’s time to own up to your depleting food and drink choices and start replacing them with more nourishing ones. You also have to be prepared to feel your feeling instead of numbing them with sugar, alcohol or junk food. I’m not a psychologist but these are my observations over the years. Journal your thoughts, go into therapy, talk to someone who will hold you accountable and help you make the changes you need to make to feel fulfilled and worthy.

Finally, and this is BIG one, you need to stop over scheduling yourself and doing activities that don’t align with the life you want to live. Stop saying “yes” when you really need to say “no”. It’s really difficult to take action when you have no time. Schedule in time to rest, prepare healthy food and connect with loved ones. I’m a mess when I don’t make sleep, moving my body, getting outside and eating nourishing food a priority.

I know it’s not easy because it’s something I work on everyday especially when I’m going through a stressful period in my life.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t think it’s realistic for most of us to live a 100% sugar-free life. I also know that all sugar is not created equal.

I made a short video of my 3 favourite sweeteners and 1 new superfood sweetener called SugaVida that has recently become available in North America. It’s from the UK but I met the founder Kristina Locke when she visited Grande Avenue Pharmacy in Cochrane and was able to taste it. It had a caramel-like flavour and melted in my mouth.

What makes this organic sweetener unique is that it contains vitamin B12 and other minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium. I would love the opportunity to bake with SugaVida since it’s twice as sweet as sugar. It is a bit pricey but you use 50% less. A 250g container retails at $13-16 CDN. Look for it in the natural food isle or visit the company website

What are your favourite sweeteners? Have you tried SugaVida? I would love to hear about your relationship with sugar and any tips you have to manage the sweet stuff.

*This is not a sponsored post. I just thought SugaVida was an interesting product that was worth sharing with you. You know that I have a sweet tooth and I love to make healthy treats that fit into a nutrient dense whole foods diet.


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