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I’m back as promised to share the useful and fun things that are making me smile this month. The picture above was taken on a family outing to Kananaskis Country. We spent the morning with friends hanging out on the banks of the Elbow River. Lots of exploring, rock throwing and splashing around. It felt so good to get out of the city and spend time soaking up the sun without an agenda.

I find myself whining a lot about how much I crave time in nature but it doesn’t seem to happen often enough. Complaining is a complete waste of time, energy and doesn’t create solutions. Complaining also robs you of noticing all the good things that you have going on in your life and pushes people away. Recently I’ve recommitted to complaining less and being more accepting of what’s happening. “It is what it is,” is the approach I’m playing with.  Less judgment equals more joy and connection.

It’s a relief not to be judging things to be “good” or “bad”. This doesn’t mean that I can’t take action and do the things I say I want more of like spending time in nature. It means that I need to get clear on my values and make sure my thoughts and actions match up. I’m all about questioning my thought patterns and not believing everything I think.

I’m sharing my commitment to complain less for 3 important reasons.

  1. It helps to hold myself accountable by declaring my commitment publicly. Being vulnerable leads to breakthroughs and transformations.
  2. I’m trying to re-wire my brain to be less judgmental and calmer. The more I talk about this topic the easier it is for my brain to stay on track. Think well-worn groove or neural re-programming.
  3. I want to help you do the same if you’re game. Why should I have all the fun? What thought pattern is holding you back?

Okay, you are probably wondering how I’m going to tie in nutrition to this post about a trip to the river and my effort to experience more joy and connection.

I’ve got a delicious recipe to share with you for making gluten-free wraps. I made them for the family trip to the river. I filled them with nut-butter and bananas but they would be great for any sandwich filling. I also tried the wraps as tortillas for fajitas and they were fantastic. They are really easy to make and a lot cheaper and tastier than gluten-free store bought wraps. Head on over to TheModernButtery.com for the recipe.

I’ll leave you with a few more resources that I’m loving right now.

Currently reading: F**k it, the Ultimate Spiritual Way by John Parkin (It’s blowing my mind.)

Exercise regime: doyogawithme.com (free awesome yoga classes for beginners-advanced)

Special events: signed up for the 5 Peaks race in July at Glenbow Ranch.

Currently working on: Creating a morning routine that’s energizing not depleting. That will definitely be another post so feel free to share any tips that you might have for me on morning routines.

Can’t wait to hear about the thought patterns you would love to let go and the strategies that are working for you.

**Like what you’ve read and want more? I would love to help you with your mindset and nutrition struggles. Uncover your energy vampires and explore what’s been holding you back from creating a life you love.

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