Healthy and Satisfying Holiday Party Food Ideas


The holiday party circuit is in full swing. You really want to enjoy yourself but you are not interested waking up tired and squeezing into snug clothes.

All of the food looks so delicious and it’s so easy to go overboard. You are especially vulnerable when you go to a party tired and hungry.

You still need to eat and nourish your body during the busy holiday season.

How do you navigate the holiday party circuit?

I believe that you can still enjoy holiday party food if you are strategic with what you put on your plate.

Last week I shared my best healthy and satisfying holiday party food ideas over at my friend Julie’s site

I thought you would find this article helpful so I’m posting an excerpt here.


Everyone knows that at a holiday party they should seek out the vegetable tray and load up their plate with low-calorie vegetables. That is one strategy to keep you on the straight and narrow but how boring is that? I’m not saying that all vegetables are boring but there is a tastier and more satisfying way to navigate holiday party food. The key to feeling satisfied at a holiday party is to fill your plate with 3 essential items… From

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