Ever Dream of Having a Personal Chef?

I’ve always dreamed of having a personal chef. In my dreams, I see myself opening the refrigerator in my sparkling clean kitchen and finding fresh, delicious and healthy meals.

Next, I sit down to an organic meal with my family where we discuss our fabulous days. After the meal, clean up involves popping our dinner plates into the dishwasher and putting leftovers back into the refrigerator for tomorrow’s lunch.

Doesn’t that sound like a dream scenario?

I can feel the tension and overwhelm associated with meal preparation melt away.

And then I snap out of it and face reality. My refrigerator is almost empty because we need to go grocery shopping. There are pots in the sink from last night’s dinner and the kitchen counter is sticky and covered in little crumbs.

Only people like Jennifer Anniston and Oprah have personal chefs. Having a personal chef is totally out of reach for most families, right?

Wrong! What? Let me explain.

I recently met with Ashleigh Ahern, the owner of Sun on the Rock, a premium personal chef business in Calgary.

Sun on the Rock offers solutions for health conscious busy people that don’t want to rely on fast food, pre-packaged meals and restaurant fare that often contain excessive sugar, sodium and fat. Some clients love to cook and don’t have the time and others don’t like to cook or are dealing with challenging allergies and food sensitivities.

All of the meals are customized to match your food preferences, allergies and nutritional goals. A meeting is set up to go over all these details plus a review of your current food budget. Then you are assigned a personal chef who will show up in your kitchen with all the groceries needed to prepare your meals for a week or two. Sun on the Rock is very flexible and strives to nourish you and your family with organic, seasonal and locally sourced food.

If you are curious about pricing, check out their website, sunontherock.com for details. They also offer a free in home consultation to discuss your needs and the different options available to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Think of all the time you save! Imagine what you could do with that time.

Have you ever tried using a personal chef or meal delivery service? I would love to hear about it.

(UPDATE 2015: Ashleigh does not offer this business anymore.  Sorry…)

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