My Favourite Resource for Dairy, Fruits, Vegetables – Local & Sustainable

As promised, here is the second part of the shopping list. I hope you find this shopping resource list helpful and pass it on. Today’s list is for eggs, dairy, vegetables, fruit as well as canned and dried goods. The more resources we share the further ahead we get. A win- win for everyone.

Happy cooking and dining!



RabbitRiver: Free-range eggs are available at Superstore, Community Natural Foods and Planet Organic.

Sunworks Farm: Organic free-range eggs are available at Blush Lanes Organic Market and the Calgary Farmer’s Market.


Organic Vegetables and Fruit

Widely available at most conventional grocery stores like Superstore and Safeway. Ideally select produce that is in season and as local as possible. Local produce is more likely to be found at small markets like Community Natural Foods, Planet Organic, Sunnyside Market, Blush Lane Organic Market and all farmers’ markets.  However, just because you purchased produce at the farmers’ market, don’t assume it is locally sourced.  Focus your dollars on the organic produce from the “Dirty Dozen” list.  This list contains twelve of the most contaminated fruits & vegetables and you can find this list at the Environmental Working Group website.



Vital Greens Farm: They produce certified organic dairy products like yogurt, cheese and non-homogenized milk and cream. The farm is located in Picture Butte, Alberta and their products are available at Community Natural Foods, Planet Organic, Sunnyside Market, Bridgeland Market and Blush Lanes Organic Market.


Canned and Dried Goods

Organic and natural food stores like Community Natural Foods, Planet Organic and The Light Cellar are going to carry specialty brands and products that are not necessarily local. However some of these products can often be found at conventional grocery stores like Superstore, Safeway, Co-Op & Sobey`s.

 ***If you would like an even more extensive list of local sustainable food choices I would highly recommend that you visit Green Calgary’s website and check out their Healthy Homes Program (Update 2015: program is now called Green Homes & Communities). I participated in this program in 2012 and received a bundle of helpful material and resources.


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