Many of my clients ask me for snack ideas for before or after their workouts. I often suggest LaraBars since they are made with whole foods like almonds and dates over conventional granola bars that contain highly processed ingredients. Lately I’ve grown tired of LaraBars and dates in general so I have been looking for something to replace them. I found a fantastic recipe for Goji Power Bars on This website is packed with recipes that are Paleo friendly as well as options for people that need to avoid certain substances like gluten, eggs, nuts or dairy.

I bought a package of goji berries a couple of weeks ago and wanted to try them out in a recipe. Goji berries are an excellent source of antioxidants such as vitamin A and vitamin C. A quarter cup of goji berries contain 15g of sugar so they are not as sweet as raisins or dried cranberries.

Goji berries are quite dry so they do work for a trail mix ingredient but I prefer to soak them in hot water to plump them up as the recipe recommends. I also want to note that I omitted the Stevia when I made these bars and just added one additional tablespoon of coconut sugar. The chocolate chips actually make the bars pretty sweet so I think you could just skip the Stevia if you prefer. Don’t be afraid to tweak recipes to fit the ingredients you have in the cupboard. It makes baking more of an adventure! Bars are pretty hard to mess up.

These bars would also be excellent to pack in school lunches or for a day of skiing!

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