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If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I’m passionate about meal planning. I’ve written about it several times. You can read it about it here and here

One thing you can count on is just when you settle into a routine, something will come up like a vacation, a new work schedule or the kids are off for the summer.

Our family has recently grown by 2 adults. We have two international students staying with us. This means we are responsible for feeding them as well as our family of 3.

Now that there are 5 of us, I just can’t “wing it” in the meal planning department anymore. Without careful planning we run out of groceries mid-week and stress every night about what the 5 of us are going to eat the next day.

It’s not how I want to live. Meal planning with one big grocery shop a week is essential for my sanity and to keep everyone fed.

I’ve talked about knowing your “why” when it comes to searching for motivation to stick with a healthy habit like meal planning. I’m constantly revisiting my “why” when I feel like quitting.

My “why” keeps me grounded and stops me from wasting time & energy worrying about dinner. This means more time for relaxing activities like reading in the evening or going on outdoor adventures with my family.

Here is my “why” for sticking with weekly meal planning:

#1. Health – Have the energy to enjoy my life and prevent illness

#2. Reduces Stress – Feel confident that I’m taking care of family and myself

#3. Saves Me Time – Have more time for self-care (yoga and CrossFit) as well as fun activities with my friends and family

#4. Saves Me Money – More money for adventures and vacations

Many of my clients want to reap the benefits of meal planning but still struggle to stick with it. Since I feel so strongly about the power of meal planning and can’t stand to see my clients suffer; I created the Dinner Time Solution.

The Dinner Time Solution is my proven simple system that helps you eat healthier, save time & money, and enjoy dinner time again.

Wake up every morning knowing that you’ve got a plan for dinner, your kitchen is well-stocked and you are going to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal with your family tonight.

To learn more about how the Dinner Time Solution can make your life simpler, visit https://ahealthyjourney.ca/dinner-time-solution/

I would love to work with you to uncover your “why” and end your struggle with meal planning once and for all.

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