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What’s the deal with

the enneagram?

You keep hearing about The Enneagram (even Brene Brown is singing its praises) and have even done some reading but are overwhelmed by the volume of information available.


You’ve taken a few Enneagram “tests” and aren’t sure what to do with the results. Different tests might even be giving you different results. Confusing!

How do you know where to find the most accurate and helpful resources for learning about the ENNEAGRAM?

If this is sounds like you, read on.

My mission as a Life Design Coach is to clear up the confusion surrounding The Enneagram and show you how to use it effectively.



I want to help you avoid the mistakes I made on my Enneagram journey. You can cut through the clutter and focus on the most important pieces.

Join me on Thursday, June 18th at 11:00-11:30 MST for the webinar, “Confused about the Enneagram and How to Use it?”

You will leave with:


Clarity on what the Enneagram is and the biggest mistakes people are making when using the Enneagram

Insider tips on how to accurately identify your Enneagram type

How you can use your Enneagram type to experience more ease, joy and freedom


Note: The webinar will be recorded so be sure to sign-up even if you know you can’t attend. I’ll send you the recording so you don’t miss out.


Anastasia Hendryanto is a Life Design Coach, Enneagram Teacher and a lover of nature and simplicity. She helps women go from surviving to thriving so they can recover their confidence, energy and time. Anastasia believes that we live our best lives when we slow down, clear the clutter and share our gifts.

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