3 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain & Losing Your Mind During the Holiday Season

The holiday party circuit is in full swing and your “to do list” seems to be growing longer with all the holiday related activities you’ve committed to. You may find yourself busier than usual and your stress levels might be a little high. I don’t want to add to your stress by reminding you that the average person gains 5-10 pounds during the holiday season. I’m sure you’ve heard this depressing statistic before but I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can take action today and avoid holiday weight gain with these 3 tips.

Tip #1: Fuel your body with nutrient dense foods throughout the day.

Vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, eggs, nuts and seeds are all examples of nutrient dense foods. If you fill yourself up with these whole foods, you won’t be as tempted to overindulge in all the holiday treats. When you properly fuel and hydrate your body, you will notice that your energy levels are higher and that it’s noticeably easier to think straight and make better decisions in regards to food. On the other hand, skipping meals, grabbing fast food, downing sugary drinks will leave you feeling empty and miserable. Your body craves nutritious food if you slow down and listen to it. Go ahead and enjoy a few treats over the holidays but make sure that these treats are preceded by nutrient dense meals and sufficient water.

Tip #2: Move your body!

 You know that you feel amazing after your workout. Don’t cheat yourself out of that blissful feeling just because your day is really busy. I know it’s easier during the holidays to blow off your regular exercise routine but I’m urging you not to. Your workouts are more important than ever because they help you manage holiday stress and torch any of the extra treat calories you might be consuming at parties. Finally, after a great workout your body begs to be refuelled with a plate of nutrient dense food instead of sugary treats.

Tip #3:  Focus on what’s really important to you.

Some of us may have set the bar a little too high when it comes to expectations of the holiday season. I know that we all want to find the “perfect” gifts for our friends and loved ones. We want to accept every party invitation we receive and pack in as many holiday activities as possible. Does this sound like fun or a recipe for exhaustion? If you tend to find yourself overwhelmed or tired during the holiday season, stop and take a nap. Seriously, get some more sleep. Go to bed earlier. Cancel some of your commitments. Do whatever it takes to get your rest. Lack of sleep suppresses your immune system, increases your appetite and makes you crankier. Decide what’s really important after you’ve gotten some rest. Do what makes you feel good. Nobody is going to notice that you skipped some parties and didn’t bake dozens of holiday cookies.

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