A Nut-free, Egg-free and Gluten-free Paleo Cookie Miracle?

Is it possible to bake a gluten-free item that is both nut-free and egg-free?

Most gluten-free recipes that are nut-free use coconut flour. Coconut flour is wonderful but it typically needs a lot of eggs to work. It doesn’t behave the same way as wheat flour or even almond flour.

After extensively searching on-line for a nut and egg-free cookie recipe the results were pretty sad. Maybe I was asking for too much from the baking world. Of course I could have gone the no-bake cookie route which never requires eggs.

I guess I should explain why I was on a quest to find a delicious gluten-free cookie recipe that didn’t require nuts or eggs.

As I mentioned earlier, I suspect that my toddler has an egg intolerance/allergy so I’m always on the lookout for egg-free paleo recipes. The catalyst was a get together where there was going to be a child with a nut allergy. I really wanted to bring over a healthy and delicious baked treat that everyone could eat.

I finally found one that was worth trying. It was a recipe for Breakfast Cookies by Preppy Paleo that is sunflower seed based and the egg is replaced by a ground flax and water mixture.

Actually I should mention that Against All Grain has a fabulous recipe for Allergy-Free Breakfast Cookies. I’ve made them a couple of times as bars and they are tasty.

The only reason I didn’t use that recipe was because it required bananas. There is nothing wrong with bananas but we also suspect our toddler may have a banana addiction/intolerance. I’m really hoping I’m wrong because he LOVES bananas. Bananas are also great for adding natural sweetness to baked goods.

The cookies turned out great and were a hit with my taste testing moms. My toddler gobbled them up as well. This is a soft cookie that tastes like eating a handful of trail mix. They are a bit crumbly but I think the flavour makes up for it.

Do you have any food intolerances or allergies that make baking a challenge? Please share your strategies or recipe substitutions for delicious baked goods in the comments below.







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