Don’t believe the marketing hype. These 5 seemingly healthy snack foods are loaded with ingredients that your body doesn’t need.

1. Enhanced Water

Beverages like Vitamin Water are masquerading as a health drink. Yes, they are fortified with vitamins but contain way too much immune suppressing sugar and artificial flavouring.

Healthier Alternative: A glass of filtered water with a high quality whole foods multivitamin. If it’s flavour you are after, add some berries or slices of citrus fruit. 

2. Energy/Protein Bars

If you want to find unpronounceable ingredients grab an energy bar. Most bars contain too much sugar, artificial flavouring and preservatives.

Healthier Alternative: Lara Bars are typically made from simple ingredients like nuts and dried fruit. Always read the label and watch the sugar content.

3. Granola/Granola Bars

Commercial granola often contains added sugar and hydrogenated oils. They are also very calorie dense so you need to pay attention to the serving size. Usually a serving size is too small and will leave you unsatisfied.  

Healthier Alternative: Make your own granola at home. Try my delicious gluten-free granola recipe that is sweetened with apple sauce. Click here!

4. Yogurt

What? I thought yogurt is a good source of calcium and good bacteria for my gut. This depends on the type of yogurt you choose. Most flavoured yogurt contains a significant dose of refined sugar and artificial flavouring. Those yogurt parfaits that you can pick up at your favourite coffee shop usually contain syrupy fruit or a hefty dose of honey with sweetened granola on top. Talk about a sugar bomb!

Healthier Alternative: Choose plain yogurt (avoid fat-free) and sweeten it with fresh fruit. Top with some raw chopped nuts for some crunch.

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